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The Danette Baker “Tell Me The Story” Teaching Scholarship 


Photo By: Paula Moore Photography

Danette Baker was the definition of excellence in teaching. She was a fierce student advocate, inspirational theatre artist, passionate developer of new works, incredible stage combat performer, dear colleague and friend. Danette was an eternal student, who spent most of her life impacting the world with her teaching. Danette would say to her students every day, “Tell me the story”. It is our honor to give back in her name. So tell us your story. 

The Danette Baker “Tell me the story” Teaching Scholarship will be awarded to unique voices who have both the heart of a teacher and a warrior.


Available Scholarships:

One Full Tuition ($1800) to the Central IL Stage Combat Workshop Teacher Trainer

One Half Tuition ($900) to the Central IL Stage Combat Workshop Teacher Trainer

Possible Housing Scholarships ($270) available to the Central IL Stage Combat Teacher Trainer dependent on yearly donations.

For consideration of eligibility for scholarship requirement:

(Include in your application for CISCOTT)

Statement of Diversity. (1 page, 1,000 words or less, 12pt. font)

A diversity statement is a personal essay that is a depiction of your past experiences and explains how these experiences have contributed to your personal and professional growth. We are also interested in how you not only bring your own diversity to your artistry, but how you support diversity in your classroom as well.

Central Illinois Stage Combat "Noble Blade" Scholarship

252381_967998731063_639234172_n (1).jpg

The Central Illinois Stage Combat Workshop is proud to announce that we are able to offer scholarship opportunities!


Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a desire to begin or pursue further training in stage combat, but do not have the financial means to attend the workshop. The ideal candidates are students who exemplify the qualities of positivity, open-mindedness, and generosity of spirit, and will not only benefit from the training but will continue to contribute to the stage combat community for years to come. Preference will be given to students from under-represented communities.


 To apply for the "Noble Blade" Scholarship:


  • In a letter please share with us your experience with stage combat, including any instructors, educators, or fight directors that you may have worked with, and what you hope to gain by attending this workshop.

  • Please also share with us why you believe you are an ideal candidate for the  Noble Blade Scholarship, including how you see your present and future contributions to theatrical combat, as well as how your diversity informs those contributions  

  • Please limit your letter to a 1 page, Word or PDF document, and attach your letter to an email with the subject "Noble Blade" and your name. 



This scholarship will be awarded to the applicants whose submissions best address not only financial need, but all the criteria listed above. Take time to think through and refine your submission for this application. Treat this as you would any other application for financial aid, college, or professional opportunity.


Your email applications should be submitted to:


We offer many forms of scholarships from full and partial tuition, to housing scholarships. All of our scholarships are funded through donation. Without your generosity, this would not be possible. Even the smallest amount makes a difference.

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